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Etch So Easy

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Etch So Easy
How to Etch with the "Etch-so-Easy" electro-chemical etching machine.

To make a controlled-depth, permanently etched mark of any design or detail on metal surfaces in a matter of seconds is as follows:  (See diagram on page 3)
1. Start by switching the unit power switch to the 'On' position. (Make sure that the applicator and croc clip are not touching each other)
2. Switch the etching control switch to the 'Etch' position.
The etch mark is simply made by placing the MARKING APPLICATOR (A) over the STENCIL (B) in contact with the METAL PART (C) to be marked.
The GROUND CLIP (D) is clipped on to the metal part to complete the electrical circuit.
3. The current and the electrolyte fluid which is applied to the PAD STRIP (E) does the rest in seconds! Only 3 to 4 drops of electrolyte is required to wet the pad.
4. The applicator is applied over the stencil for short periods (±2,0 to 3,0 seconds) at a time, while checking that the whole logo is etched and also to enable you to control the depth of the etching process.
5. When satisfied with the depth, switch the etch control switch to the 'Mark' position and repeat the same procedure as in point 2.
6. The result will be a permanent mark which can only be removed by buffing, sanding or grinding the metal down to the depth of the mark.
7. To prevent corrosion, the parts must be thoroughly cleaned after marking to remove any residual salts. (Lightly oiled)     NOTE!   All electrical connections are made from the power unit to the applicator (black), ground clip (red) by using the  2-wire color-coded cord set.