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1080 Powdered Steel 1kg

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1080 Powdered Steel -  is a widely used high carbon grade with applications in cutting tools, hand tools, automotive parts, and high tension wires.  The Chemical composition of 1080 steel is C-0.75-0.88%, Mn-0.6%, and trace elements of P, and S.  Annealing; 790-850°C is the optimum annealing range for 1080 high carbon steel. Holding time for thickness less than 75mm size sample is 1 hour with addition half-hour for each 25.4 mm increase in sample size.  Quenching:  To achieve a hardness of 65HRC measured on Rockwell hardness tester, water or bring quenching is used on 1080 grade.   Tempering:   is extremely important to relieve quenching stresses. There are lots of quenching defects that can generate which can be removed in process of tempering.  Temper for 2 hours @ 205°C.  Normalized at 885 °C